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Tool & Workholing Solutions

For all your tool and work-holding needs, look no further. We offer a wide selection of products from the most trusted suppliers in the industry. Our solutions are designed for maximum rigidity, and we work hard to reduce cycle times and boost productivity. We have contacts for all types of parts, again specialising in Mill-turn.

Work-holding and tooling can be overwhelming due to the extensive options out there but we try to cut through the noise and get the best solution without the hassle. We can do all the liaising with suppliers so you don't have to and you can trust the best solution will come out of it. As well as finding the right stuff for you  we can help implement them so you get the most of your investment . 

We can work with all machine manufacturers.

Workflow Process

Initial Contact 

Organise a video conference call with everyone involved or even just a phone call to establish what the workholding or tooling requirement is for your company.

Propose Different Options 

After discussing your parts and machines with suppliers, ( NDAs signed where necessary ) we will give different options for either workholding or tooling, This can be an easy choice in some cases and a bit more in depth in others , this is purely dependent on a lot of factors, material | complexity of parts, tolerance on dimensions and of course the machine you are using to make the parts . 

Decide on best solution

After discussions on prices as well as pros and cons ( if any ) of each system and all quotes are received we will give our recommendations and then a decision can be made by yourselves on what is best for the company.

Implement chosen system

Once all products have been delivered on site we can help set up the work-holding as well as show best practises for use . For tooling we can do as little or as much as is needed whether that be just basic setup or full prove outs in conjunction with your programmers or engineers.

Free telephone support for 6 months after completion

After 6 months this service can be kept on for additional fees ( These vary depending on level of support you are after )

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