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Machine purchase Consultancy 

Interested in purchasing a new CNC machine?

We know that maximizing efficiency and optimizing cycle times are crucial to any successful CNC machine purchase so as your consultants, we are here to advise you on the best equipment to fit your needs and budget.

After a  full analysis of your company and products you make or hope to make, we filter out machine options best suited for purpose.  But we don't stop there, we can provide full Turn-key packages to include :- 

  1. Machine Asset

  2. Workholding

  3. Part Programs

  4. Automation (where applicable)

  5. Toolsheets 

  6. Full on-site prove-outs

configured tool turrets and magazines to reduce setup times as well as modular quick change tooling to minimise level of skill needed to setup machine.

We can do extra on-site training for your team on top of the manufacturer training to ensure that you and your operators are completely satisfied with our solution. We know that sometimes it is a lot of information to take in during a few days so follow up sessions in the following weeks and months can be arranged so operators or engineers can get another chance to ask any questions that arise over the first few weeks of production.

We specialise in sourcing and implementing both fixed head Mill-Turn Machining Centres and  Sliding head machines from beginning 

to end.

  • We can work with all machine manufacturers.

  • Comparison of machine tools against planned use is carried out so the most suitable technology is acquired for your budget.

  • Meetings can be held for all people involved in purchase from finance to engineers to machine operators to discuss the machine options and their pros and cons of each to gain insights and to look into any possible automation that could be integrated to the project to future proof it.

  • When a final decision is made we collaborate with the machine suppliers fully throughout the whole process to make sure deadlines are met as well as working with any automation integrators that may be involved.

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