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A little about Intuitive CNC...................

With nearly 17 years experience in the field of CNC machining starting from an apprentice at age 17 working my way up to a production engineer in the fast paced world of aerospace precision engineering.

I setup and program a range of Mill-Turn machines as well as doing different projects to increase efficiency and capacity by getting the most out of each machine I had the privilege  of working on which included:

  • Projects taken from idea stage to full implementation including :-

    • Addition of CadCam software and creation of company tool library​.

    • Configured tool magazines & turrets for faster setups.

    • Modular tooling implementation ( Excellent for decreasing setup times and human error )

  • Programming Mill-Turn machines both online and offline.​

  • Machine tool comparison and accompanying tool packages based on needs of the company.

  • Detailed Work instructions for safe setup and operation of each machine.

  • Operator Training.

My mission with Intuitive CNC is to use the knowledge I have learnt in my career to help companies of any size increase their productivity and effectiveness of their assets whether that is through better use of their current machinery with program optimisation or to look at new assets that will increase throughput using all the new technology that is out there. I want to bridge the gap between machine sales reps and the companies they are selling the machines too, meaning that I follow the project working with first and foremost the customer looking to purchase a machine and then help them get a shortlist of machines suitable for their application. Following this I then implement machine with the option of full turn key packages if needs be creating fast setups and efficient cycle times for maximum effectiveness, all while training the operators best practices with the new machine tool.

Thank you for reading.

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