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Turn- Key Part Programming

Our powerful SolidCAM software allows for full Turn-key packages for all machines including multi turret twin spindle machines, sliding head technologies and CNC Routers
All part Programs are put through simulation made bespoke for your machine for peace of mind and all programs will be proven out on-site  at the machine by one of our engineers to ensure tool life and cycle times meet expectations.

                                              "So when the we say Turn-Key we mean Turn-Key."


Reliable 100% Post Processors


  • Using post processors made for any machine and any control by SolidCAM and if they don't have one they will make one.

  • we work with their post engineers on your behalf where necessary to get the perfect 100% post made for your machines.


On-Site prove-outs 


  • All programs are proved out on the customer machines to guarantee satisfaction.

  • This is a perfect chance for the operators to build confidence in the programs and learn about the methods used.

  • We are happy to talk them through any questions they have during this process.

  • At this point we monitor tool life and make sure we leave an optimum solution as well as building a solid relationship with the customer.


Optimised Programs and Channel Synchronisation​

  • Optimised programs to fully utilise your machine assets by using two or more channels at the same time, examples are below:-


  • Pinch Turning

    • ( two turning tools cutting simultaneously )

  • Pinch Milling

    • ( two milling tools cutting simultaneously )

  • channel Synchronisation 

    • Balance machining operations across all channels.

    • Minimise turret idle time​​


​Setup Sheets Provided


  • Setup sheets are provided for each part with all the information needed for the setter/operator to easily set and run the machine.

  • These can be customised to be as close to your current tool sheets for seamless integration on to your shopfloor.




  • Superimpose your spindles and axis so both spindles can be cutting using either side of a single toolholder.

  • Reduces cycle time significantly



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