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Mill Turn Machining Centres

Mill-Turn is the combination of both CNC Milling and CNC Turning on machines commonly known as machining centres, they use a mix of static turning tools and driven milling and drilling tool holders. They are extremely flexible for this reason and are used across the world to manufacture parts and components across numerous sectors including aerospace and medical industries using metals, composites and even woods.


They have a few different layout options. Generally they will all have both a main spindle and a counter spindle  ( sometimes known as a sub spindle ) this is so parts can be machined complete as both sides of part can be machined in one single cycle and with the help of a gantry arm the part can be taken from the counter spindle and set on to a parts conveyor so the machine will run continuously without the need to open the door which keeps spindles turning.


When it comes to the actual tooling to turrets and milling spindles there is a wide range depending on supplier, below are some of the most common configurations.

  • 1x single turret (can work on both the main and the sub spindle.)

  • 2x turrets (lower and upper)

  • 1x Multi functioning spindle ( Works on both spindles and at any B axis angle )

  • 1x Multi functioning spindle ( With simultaneous 5 axis )

  • 1x MFS | 1x lower turret

There are other layouts too that can include two lower turrets or a programmable tailstock instead of a counter spindle for large shaft work.

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