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Automation Solutions

Our automation solutions are totally customised to suit your company and projects you are working on. We work with a wide range of robot, CMM and machine manufacturers and will use the supplier that can best provide the finished solution. We understand that the key to success is efficiency. That's why our fully automated cells with lights out machining capability where possible will  provide maximum productivity and consistency across every project we complete with your company. Our automation solutions are designed to help you streamline your manufacturing process and achieve repeatable results that you can count on.

Workflow Process

Initial Contact 

Organise a video conference call with everyone involved or even just a phone call to establish what the automation requirement is for your company whether it's for a totally new cell or retro-fitting a machine setup you already have.

Discuss Different Options

Look at and discuss different available options for your current manufacturing process or consider an entire new cell that can include :
CNC machine -----> Robot -------> CMM 
This will create the lights out machining on certain parts as the robot will take the completed part off the conveyor and put it in a small degreaser then dry the part ready to be measured.
The robot then places part in fixture or can even hold the parts itself for full measurement using the CMM depending on part is it can hold it against the surface table of CMM.
The CMM then feeds back to the CNC machine any tool offsets that may need to be adjusted to keep part inside tolerance zone.

Contact all Relative Suppliers

Once we have an idea of what you are after in terms of automation, we can go to work and make contact with the Robot and CMM suppliers and machining suppliers if needs be. From this we will determine a shortlist of the suppliers that could automate your process.

Site Visits from suppliers

We advise site visits for suppliers where necessary so they can see the environment and better understand the process so that the best solution is put forward by them for consideration. 

Present solutions and quotations

Once possible solutions and quotations are received we will present these to your management and any relative parties. This is a great time for any questions or concerns that may be raised when going through each proposal.

Final Decision and Next Steps

Once a final decision has been made, the solution can then be implemented, as with all our services we will stay in close contact with both the suppliers and yourselves in order to ensure that schedules are met and that project is kept on point and completed as planned so that you  can start to see ROI as soon as possible

Free telephone support for 6 months after completion

After 6 months this service can be kept on for additional fees ( These vary depending on level of support you are after )

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